Same flower different sizes cuts differently?

Im cutting out flowers same design, but different sizes for some reason on bigger ones it starts on outter perimeter instead of the inside? also it wont let me do tabs. is it cause of the petals being curved?
While im here can u pause Easel and make changes as it goes?

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No you cannot, you’d have to stop the carve, make the change and then click “carve” and it will calculate a new toolpath, which is saved onto the users PC before the carve begins and cannot be overridden mid-carve sequence.

Tabs are limited to one of the 3 “path” related cut types AND when the depth is set to the full depth of the material, likely one or more of these 2 rules are not in play at the moment, you may be doing a “pocket” cut type OR the depth is not set as deep as the material thickness is set to.

the Easel toolpath algorithm can be a tricky one and pick the sequence seemingly at random, IF you want to force it to start at a certain place you Could setup multiple “workpieces” using the bottom panel, depending on the design and whether it can be cut into separate pieces of course.

If you’d like you can setup a larger and smaller flower examples into the same project, but using 2 different “workpieces” (the bottom panel) for each of them and then sharing the project like this>>
In Easel go to Project Menu > then click Share
Then set the project to “unlisted” and copy the link shown, then paste the link over here.

By the way this link is just a copy of the project with all your cut settings showing but we can NOT make changes to your design using this link. We can save our own copy and make changes and share our new link with you and you could then save that as a separate project and still keep your original as is…

Ok what i did was i set up a 2nd cut on same work piece where i can do 1 first then do the other after. I think this is what you were explaining to me to do. Thanks so much for answering all 3 of my questions.


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