Same model, smoother cutting


Here I have 2 files:
The easel file makes my machines jumps like crazy in curves
The smooth one is an adjusted copy which makes the machine very smooth.

I think that the speed command F on every line is resetting the machine constantly.

Can I change the gcode within Easel?

Be carefull! I use very high speeds (F8000)!!


smooth (179.0 KB)
easel (136.9 KB)

I notice that your “Easel file” does not include Z coordinates throughout, this will allow it to go the F8,000 (assuming your $110 & 111 allow that speed)
However the “Smooth one” includes Z coordinates, this means that the Plunge Max Rate ($112) would come into play.

When coordinates include Feed and Plunge then Whichever MAX setting is lower the machine will not move greater than that rate for any of the movements on that line.
So for example: IF your $112 setting is less than that 8,000 feed rate… like for instance the $112 set to 2,000mm/min as the MAX plunge rate, because every line contains a Z coordinate, it will limit the WHOLE line to that 2,000 rate, effectively slowing the whole carve, not just the plunge movement, which could cause it to be smoother because it’s slower in general… BUT ALSO the slower acceleration will also come into play and generally the plunge acceleration is also a slower rate ($122 setting)

I see that your “smooth one” uses a constant Z coordinate, but the fact alone that it is present is enough for this grbl setting being the governing max comes into play even though the Z wouldn’t be moving.

So I ask of you: What are your settings for $110, 111, 112, 120, 121, & 122 ?

Hi setCNC,
Thank you for you reaction!

You got me lost! This is higher level, too high for me ayway.

I’m not using GBRL and the variables $110, 111, 112, 120, 121, & 122 doesn’t ring a bell…


Hi Eric, Sooo “grbl” is basically like a coding language, Easel will only communicate via this language, so you’ve got to be using grbl.if easel is able to communicate with the CNC…

As to how to read your grbl settings (saved onto a chip on the cnc controller board): you can read them within Easel while connected to the CNC by following these steps>>

Hi Seth,

Thanks again!
Now i understand my confusion: i use the Gcode only for my Mach3 driven router. No gBRL involved here.


ah okay mach3 controlled… Then you’d want to grab the settings from 3 separate popups, one for each axis for the “motor tuning and setup” the setting I’m asking for is the “Velocity” (That’s equivalent to $110,111,112) … and the others I mentioned ($120,121,122) are the Acceleration, right next to the Velocity…

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