Same sign cut 2 ways

I made a Police Monogram for a family member, the first one I made was from Oak. I was not 100% happy with the heavy grain look of the oak, so I made another one from poplar (I also decided to cut all the way through on the poplar so it did not feel so heavy. Now looking at both it really surprises me how much the type of wood changes a simple sign.


since that spare oak one is lying there doing nothing,you should paint the shield outline black and the large M as well. then show them the oak one. the oak and black will pop big time

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I am always hesitant to paint over the nice grain that oak has, but your right the black would really make it stand out. But to late the customer already has both of them.

I totally agree with not painting beautiful wood when it’s furniture, it hurts my heart to see people applying dark stain to some beautiful maple wood bench, but in sign making anything goes IMO

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There should be a rule that Danish Oil is the only finish allowed on maple. It always turns out beautiful and as far as I can tell it is impossible to mess up.

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