Save the Parameters in Machine Inspector?

I would feel better if I could save my Grbl parameters.
It is rare, but it has happened that the parameters have been changed by some event.
If it doesn’t work with Easel directly, which tool (system win 10) do you use to export and import the parameters?

Thanks for feedback

When I was updating Grbl and wanted to save my original settings I just opened up the the Machine Inspector, selected the text, copy and pasted it into a notepad .txt file. As it turned out there were a couple of changes, I just reentered the ones that had changed manually.

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Hello Mike.

I like the approach because it’s so nice and simple.
Saving works, but the insert does not. The field to change parameters in the Maschine Inspector only allows one line for me. How do you do that with all parameters?

I don’t think you can, I just entered the two or three that had changed. Sorry.