Saving local copy or export G code problem

I went to the xcarve site and opened the tool holder in easel. I was trying to save a local copy but could not. So i exported the gcode and then opened it. All i got was the preview but could not modify in easel. Any suggestions.

Use a third party g-code editor like NC Corrector to edit your g-code.

I just got my xcarve assembled. Works great with easel in my home, but I will not have internet access in the shop where my xcarve is going to be. How do I get my code from easel to universal g-code sender. I have ugs installed and can jog and home machine, just don’t know ho to get a file saved out of easel and to ugs.
Thanks for any help

Forgot to mention that I’m using a MacBook Pro

Thanks RobertCanning, these helps my process, but it still does not save g code to a designated download folder, just opens up in a new web page. Am I missing where to setup this folder somewhere?

It only says export, it doesn’t say save

That’s what I thought , but, when I click export, a new web page opens with the code. I got that part, but how do I use this web page in ugs. This must be something simple I’m just not understanding.

Thanks for helping PhilJohnson. I’ve done this same process 5 times and it doesn’t save in my Macs downloads folder. Is there another downloads folder I should be looking in?

Should this be a .ncc file that I’m looking for?

Just talked to Inventables, they remoted into my MacBook, tryied it themselves. It didn’t work for them either. Tried it in Chrome instead of Safari and it works there. Checked my safari settings and couldn’t find anyway to fix it, but no problem because it will work in Chrome. Thanks for the help Paul, with Inventables.

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