Saving projects for aspire from coreldraw?

If I’m doing a CorelDraw project for use with Aspire.
What file format should I save for import to Aspire?


I use dxf, as I randomly get strange scaling issues using svg.

I’ve had no problems with dxf

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Thank´s TW

I use Corel draw for importing into Easel (as an SVG), and have noticed that scaling issue, like exporting a 4" square and it comes thru as 4.006, or something similar.

For big complex carves, I always export the artwork surrounded by a square of a known size, then once inside Easel or V-Carve desktop, check the size if the square, then scale the artwork accordingly.

I knew about the fix for svg scaling, but using dxf lets me cut out that altogether

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I did it yesterday in my Corel but (the dxf file)
I can not make any adjustments when I have opened
it in Aspire why ?

Hi Robert
Here the file I meade in CorelDraw
and saved as dxfripa.dxf (246.2 KB)

I pulled the dxf into VCarve, the node count is insane.

Hi Robert
I have done that kind of project earlier.
But this time I couldn’t find the type of bird for Aspire that I used in Corel
That´s why I used Corel to do this project and
tried to import it to Aspire,

I’ll give it another try in the weekend
Try to find a similar bird to open in my Aspire

Many users don’t pay for aspire, they pirate it.

People who pay for it learn how to use it…

That was not fair.
Do you mean I have a pirate program?
shame on you Jeremy Simmons

I have gone through so many instructions
But I have not found that
I’ll do it again.
It takes so much time to review all material
But I give it a chance
I think I spelled wrong when I searched for the word tracing

Phil and Robert


I did spell the word tracing wrong earlier.
But now when I been corrected I´m on the track again
I´m in debt to you both

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There’s a lot to learn but it’s totally worth it. I have spent countless hours watching/reading tutorials etc and i only have access to Aspire through a friend (would love to buy my own copy but can’t afford it at the moment)

Jag håller fortfarande på och lär mig programmet,
men engelskan är inte mitt första språk

That was not fair.
Do you mean I have a pirate program?
shame on you Jeremy Simmons

Yes. It is fair to call people a thief if they are one. I was not calling you a thief.

I am stating that some people pirate it. I have had no less than two personal admissions of it from other people I’ve met.

It has been my experience that people who steal do not have the same level or respect or value for the software that would cause them to learn it in the way that one who made a legitimate purchase would.

If you paid for a copy, you have my thanks. You are helping keep the price reasonable for the rest of us.

If you did steal a copy, you deserve the shame you’ve brought on yourself for taking something which was not yours to take.

I hope you will spend the time reading the manual and watching the video tutorials. I do not envy you for learning English as a second language. It is a difficult language, especially the American dialect.

Thank’s Phil
I found the tutorial to import
and trace the image ,
so I have start making the sign
in Aspire.

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