Saving Z probe info

When performing multiple carves on the SAME piece of material, you have to probe every time, even if you don’t change the bit or turn the machine off. Why? Can’t we have a ‘use last Z height’ similar to the ‘use last XY location’?

Sometimes I start a carve, then realize it could go faster, so I stop, adjust the feed rates, and begin again. It would be nice if I didn’t have to probe again.

I will certainly use this tonight sir. Thanks.

It would be very welcome to add the same ‘use last home’ on the probe page, that’s for sure. It’s not evident that you can do a ‘manual’ probe, then use last home. The next page where you set XY shows, ‘use last X-Y’ instead of ‘home’ that’s the same I’m sure, but then again, it doesn’t mention the Z axis.

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Dude! Such a time saver!! Click ‘manual’ then the next screen for XY has different prompts than if you ‘auto-probed’.

Phil, you’re the best!

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