Sawdust & scraps....tell me what do you do with it!

The title says it all. OK…go!

Sawdust always makes for good filler material with glue to fill in gaps.

I have waaaaaaaaaay more sawdust than I have gaps! lol


Fireplace fodder.

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Sawdust - from dust collector and vacuums - goes in planting areas as mulch.

Small scraps - too small to use effectively - go into a container to use in my meat smoker. This applies to cherry, maple, oak, etc. Some woods like pine and walnut aren’t used like that for health reasons.

Chips from my CNC - mostly cherry - get swept up, put in small containers and used in the smoke box on my grill.

Nice! I like the smoker idea. I don’t smoke meat, but I love to eat smoked meats, so I dig it! Good idea on the mulch too.

Scraps of any size go in the “make something with this” bucket. Scraps smaller than that go in a big cardboard box that my brother-in-law uses to start their fireplace. Chips and collected dust get dumped on the flower beds as mulch.

Scraps that are big enough to use go in my scrap lumber cart ( Built from scraps, for scraps. :smile:

After I built the cart, I got rid of 6 big boxes of cutoffs by cutting them up into random sizes and shapes and giving them to my son’s preschool teacher. Preschools are always looking for cheap craft material, so as long as it’s clean wood and not splintery, you’ll make some teacher VERY happy.

Please be careful of sawdust — lots of potential health and other dangers and possibly unanticipated issues such as walnut inhibiting plant growth and cherry being poisonous to certain animals.

My scraps are given away to friends or I keep for wood turning projects. I own a sawmill business so I know all about sawdust LOL. I give the sawdust to a friend for their garden depending on species of wood.