"Scale it down to fit" o SVG import

I am using sketchup and flightsofideas plug in to export a SVG file. I’ve used this method 100 times before with out issue, Now, even if I import a previous svg file (that worked before) I get “the design is to big for the work area. scale it down?” on import. if I click yes it will show the highlight around the obect but not actually show any lines and of coarse its way to big.

Are you changing your work area on Materials setup before importing. Must be 31X31 inch.


You need to change work area on the MACHINE tab, not the materials tab. The materials tab is just that, the size of your material, but the machine tab is the actual work surface, essentially your wasteboard. It will default to the last size you used within easel, even on new files.

The machine tab also shows 31" the part is only 4". When exported it looks to be about 30". It’s weird because it worked fine before

Hmm, that is weird. I’d suggest going into Easel, clicking the Help tab and selecting report a problem then click new conversation and say what happened. I’ve had good luck with getting a response from someone at Inventables usually within a couple hours.