Scale of imported SVG from OpenSCAD

I have a CAD model built in OpenSCAD and am able to export an SVG of the part to be carved just fine.

However, when I import the file into Easel the scale is way off. Since SVG is a “unit-less” format, I assume Easel just imports them as 72 pixels/inch or some other common scale used by graphics programs. In the case of an OpenSCAD export, however, the scale is (generally) 1 pixel = 1 mm, or 25.4pixels/inch.

I can obviously scale the OpenSCAD drawing before export, but it seems like a better workflow to allow the SVG to be imported directly. Is there, or could there be a way to allow users to control this directly?

Barring that, exactly what scale does Easel use when importing an SVG, to allow pre-processing on my end?


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After you export from openscad you can simply modify the svg generated by adding information of units in the width and height atttributes.
svg width="20" height="20" viewBox="0 -20 20 20"
svg width="20mm" height="20mm" viewBox="0 -20 20 20"