Scaling app

How about a scaling application that allows you to identify the distance between two points in a drawing or picture and scale the rest of your drawing. For example when I import a picture of a Fender guitar neck I know from the nut at the top of the neck to the saddles is 25.5…

This is not ideal, and forgive me if you’ve already tried this, but here’s a possible workaround:

Import your picture.
Create a rectangle.
Set dimensions of rectangle to desired dimensions of a given feature.
Manually scale picture until the feature matches the rectangle.

Now obviously this depends on how precise you need the picture to be. Could work in some cases but won’t work for all applications.

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Thanks Adam. After more reading in the forum I did learn about the shape feature and it seems I will at least be able to define the size circles I am trying to create and also define the exact size of an object such as a rectangle or square… keeping my fingers crossed.

Still I would like to see a scaling tool. For example if I import a picture of a Pelican case where I already know the dimensions, I should be able to scale by defining two points and assigning the proper distance that I already know.

Completely agree. I think your request is a great idea. I just wanted to provide an idea for a possible work around in case you were in a bind and needed something more immediate.