Scanning in images

I am very new to this and was wondering if anyone could give me a quick run down on the process I would have to use to scan in model airplane wing rib drawings and be able to cut them with the x carve. Also is there some kind of drawing board that I could trace them on and that would give me my image.

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New here as well but I was looking at the V Carve Pro software. I downloaded a trial and was able to import a jpeg image and have the software auto trace it. I’m just waiting for the machine to arrive and try it out. I think the one I saw was on the VCarve website but this is a good example of what it can do.
Hope that helps. My interest was to scan in some model ship plans and cut some parts out.

Thanks I too have been looking at the vectric software.

Hi @AaronGnade welcome to the Inventables forum. I’ve never done anything like this personally but here is a general idea of how you would do it:

Scanning step
First you need to find a scanning system that can get the model of the airplane wing rib scanned in for you. There are a number of options for this ranging from free to very expensive.

123D Catch
X-Box Kinnect with Skanect

Clean up step:

CAM Step:
Cut 3D

Machine Control Step
Then you can send it to the machine with Universal G Code Sender.

Thank for the help I am only looking at 2D right now I have plans is there a way to scan them on my flatbed scanner at home and proceed from there.

With a 2D scanner you could import the image into Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator and trace the shape. Then delete the jpg scan image and export the vector lines as SVG.

Then import the SVG into Easel.

My name is Darryl Adams I have had this x carve for a few years, I can do your basic stuff but I bought a structure core scanner and I can’t get it to do anything that I want to do I do a lot of live wood projects and trying to measure out the odd shapes of the wood so I don’t run off the side while I’m trying to put specific letters or shapes on the piece of wood it is quite challenging, do you know of any scanners that are specific to the inventables X carve?

Hey @DarrylAdams1 I’m going to have someone email you to schedule a call to discuss.


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