Screw drive questions

I have a 3000mm X 1600mm Xcarve and am thinking of upgrading to screw drive what size lead screw would I be best to use for a machine this size, and where might i source such long lengths

Wow that’s a big X carve. I don’t think I’ve come across a lead screw that long. Deflection would be a big issue. I think the big machines normally use a rack and pinion set up.


never thought of rack and pinion, prob a much better idea, now just to find a supplier

Try these guys, might be cheaper/better suppliers out there but its a good place to start.

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These guys in the UK seems to have very good prices

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Talk to @Phantomm he has the screw drive system that works on my machine 1000mm but I have nowhere near that long. He may be able to help you

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No go on that size. Will prob need to go rack and pinion.

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