Screw Drive Upgrade Kit

Yes I will do custom orders but they will be semi full price since it’s out of bulk orders.

No need! Any crashes with current motors have no effect on the hardware. But if u get too strong u can start to push the material limits (delrin)! May even strip a nut block!

Since testing found one error in my design I am having new ones cut and I am adding some adjustments and tweaks I missed in cad but noticed when building.
To answer the question I’m guessing no sooner than a week or two but (fingers crossed/hoping) no later than 1-2 months. Shipping out is probably shortly after that depending on my business model.
Some final negotiations are in progress with my plate supplier and the bulk hardware supplier.
So far I nailed at least 10-15% discounts if I order a minimum amount of kits.
Based on the amount of people emailing me for first batch I should make the minimum requirements.

Original price was calculated at around $564.23 but with breaks and negotiations the price for first batch orders so far is $501.13 + tax and shipping. Final batch order size will determine final price.


Defiantly interested but would want the taller Y axis plate version.

If people want that I can make that the default.
Will add to material cost but may get folded into price.

So I incorporated taller x but not y. System seemed more stable.
Final release is coming once price is nailed down. So sometime this week.

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As i posted on the other thread i will be accepting orders very shortly. Like in the next day or two,

Just checking we are talking about a 1000mm kit right?


All sizes and custom sizes

I consulted with my engineer and was informed that the design helps eliminate a lot of the whip issues and in testing I found it to be true.
Again this kit is for accuracy and repeatability.
Engineering told me it’s not gonna magically turn an x-carve into a haas.
No matter how hard I wish!
G-d damn engineers!

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