ScrewDrive Upgrade Kit (New and updated Thread)

imageThe old discussion thread was a bit outdated so I’m updating and making a new one to eliminate some confusion.
Plates are not black, some people took some liberty with them. :heart_eyes::star_struck:
(PICS FROM @JeremySimmons)
+2" LIFT!

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Those that wish to be added to the private forum need only ask. (Verified buyers only to minimize pollution).



You call that a lift?

This is a lift!

Kidding, I know you are limited due to the huge nature of the stock X gantry. Nice work and good luck.


Is it just me who put 8 v wheels on both sides?

I did the same. For others it wasn’t in the budget.

while we are looking at this, what are these two holes for?

For the drag chain but the new design eliminates it on the right side.
The drag chain needed to moved up and forward (for my machine) so the gantry can move comfortably ALL the way back and not bind up on the drag chain. Lucky me I had some spare pieces.

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I am going to put 8 wheels on too, I am still waiting for the screws and hardware to be delivered, the plates were delivered a week ago, I think the 2 holes are for the drag chain bracket, my drag chain bracket is an old one and the hole spacing is different, but I will get around that by drilling some more holes in the bracket

That is one thing I had a hard time with! Old outdated machines from before I got mine and after I did upgrades. Took me and my engineer(s) (thanks @LordVoldemort, aka YouKnowWhoYouAre) a few months tweaking and being tweaked. This latest batch I shipped out is now the 17th iteration and probably the last unless I finalize my single x design.

Make sure the screws going through from the bottom v wheels won’t interfere with the dragchain since I sent out the 35mm and not 30mm (30 was a drop too short for my taste.

Is there a tracking number for the delivery, is it coming from Openbuilds

Once they post it.

Things are probably chaos at Open Builds right now. I’m pretty sure Phantomm that you caused a supply chain issue with Open Builds, with how many parts you ordered for the customers you just pushed through at one time…their purchaser is probably sitting there wondering “WTF why are we going so many couplers this week” lol

Actually I have them a heads up. And then they pumped them out all in one day for me.


I’ll also use 8 v-wheels. Should I get the 5mm or the 3mm ones? IIUC I should order:

  • 8 v-wheels (4 extra per plate)
  • 4 eccentric nuts (2 per plate)
  • 4 “normal” nuts (2 per plate)
  • 30mm screw (diameter will depend on the type of v-wheels I guess).

Is this all I need? My upgrade kit is at the post office, can’t wait to come back from work to go pick it up!

My kit is in the mail, but am I reading that I need to order some extra parts not included?


You shouldn’t need anything…between Phantomms stuff and the Maker stuff, I was all good (except Blue Locktight)

Not sure what the Maker stuff is. I ordered from Phantomms. I do have blue Locktite however


Sorry I meant Open Builds…this is the everything that came between Open Builds and Phantomm. Everything I needed was in these two shipments

Thanks. I hate to drag this out but I need a clarification. I paid an invoice from MXF workshop. Will I receive everything I need, both from Phantomm and Open Build? This whole order has been a bit strange for me. I never knew exactly what I was getting, I just knew I wanted to get away from belts and blindly sent money. I would love to have access to the private forum to get some answers, but this seems to be a secretive and mysterious place that you cannot access until your parts arrive. This seems odd to me, they have the money so I can’t see their risk. I guess I am just too impatient but I usually do more research on the front end.



Everything should be included in the kit, my question was about the required parts to add some additional v-wheels. This is absolutely not required to complete the upgrade :slight_smile: