Screwed up my home point

Howdy… I am a newbie here… and I plead ignorance. I was trying to do a tiling of a six foot piece. I watch Paw Paw’s video on tiling… and it worked. Except… When I moved the board… set my new home point … my spacing was off. I thought I set the home point correctly…but I guess I didn’t. I looked at the last thing that I carved on the first part before I moved the board. I set it up for the last point which was the “7”. I drew a straight line over on the board… made a dot for my new home point… moved the board… set up for the second carve… but the spacing was not correct. Here are two photos of the project… and one shows where I set my new home point. Obviously… I screwed up. Where should I have set my home point? I would appreciate your help.
Thanks… Chuck Lyons Akron, Ohio

Where is the home point in easel for that section?

Did you subtract the amount left on the end of the work piece. The point from the end of the board to the K.

Howdy… I set my new home point for the second section where the X is. That is where it finished carving in the first section.

It’s not where it necessarily where it finished. Where is the xy home in easel for that that section of the project? Look at easel and see exactly where it is and does it show the correct spacing?

I believe that was the problem Phil… I think I marked it right on my board…but in easel…when I looked at my 2nd carve…i didn’t have it all the way down to the xy point in easel. I will try it on my one scrape piece so I can see if it is going to line up correctly. I will let you know. Thanks again for your knowledge.
Chuck Lyons

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Bit off topic, but what font are you using?

BHowdy … I believe I am using the font Lavanderia. Is that the right spelling? Just the basic script provided. The picture you are looking at is for school photos… K through 12. There will be a piece of twine stretching across the bottom with small little clothes pins on the twine. Then Mom can hang the school photos on the clothes pins. There is a 2 inch spacing for each photo. Most wallet photos are 2 1/2 x 3 to make the photos fit. The board will be about 36 inches long. Great Christmas gift. I should have it done in a week. I will post a photo when finished.