Screws touching the back

MY universal Platte that mounts the brackets for spindle the screws or touching on the back what do guys do for fix cut screws .

i reverse the screw so it point to other side or get smaller screw.

If you have excess thread past the nut use a Dremel and cut uff wheel to do the honors.

I used some spacers sold by Inventables to distance the plate from the Z-axis and this kept the screws away from the carriage.

Spacer link is part number 25312-15 this is a 10 pack so I only needed one pack.

If you look at the assembly instructions you can see that all the other types of spindle mounts have these spacers in them to give this distance from the Z-axis. when I made my mounts for a plasma torch I followed this design as I knew it worked for all the other mounts.

It also looks like in your picture that the acme rod is being forced against the Z-axis rail on the bottom, this is also a bad thing as it will bind along the travel path as you go further down the Z-axis, you want this rod to be straight along the length of travel.

If you notice he has no spacers between the V-wheel and the plate. On all the other spindle mounts there are spacers, also his ACME rod is angled at the bottom looking like it is touching. this would concern me more than just shorting the bolts.

I can honestly say I differ in opinion. without the spacers as called for in the instructions you are placing the plate to close to the Z-axis rail and of course the screws are going to touch like that. if you install the spacers as called out in the instructions you will move the bolts 9.5 mm away from the Z-axis. I am trying to keep this fellow from cutting the bolts and misaligning his Z-axis. I only speak out of experience ( I used the same plate to make a plasma torch holder) so of course I am probably wrong. But then again if the Acme rod is forced inward at the bottom then you really need to use the spacers as suggested.

@DeonJackson please check the Acme rod for alignment (space at top same as space at bottom of Z-axis) before you cut your bolts and find out that you need these. if your Acme rod is straight and there is no binding from this plate being to close then by all means cut them darn bolts. But I can say from setting up that exact plate that it need to be spaced about 9.5 mm out from the Z-axis, and you also need to reverse the direction of the bolts and place the eccentric spacers on the other side of the plate as shown in the assembly instructions.

here is a link to the instructions
you notice that all mounts have these spacers. and also note how they as assembled

  1. Attach the V-Wheels to the Spindle Carriage
    You’ll start by putting V-Wheels followed by spacers onto the 35mm Button Head Cap Screws. put the screws through the backside of the Spindle Carriage and fasten them with nylock and eccentric nuts. Just like the X Carriage and Y-Plates, there are larger holes that are designed to accept the eccentric nuts.

Note that these are in a specific order and direction.

hey Kenneth I went and got shorter screws and it work but I will take it back down and do it like that . can I see a pic of how u mount your dewalt on the universal platte. I have router about that big but am using a dremel size now

spacers or in there its just handle of the pic

@DeonJackson I did not mount the Dewalt on the Universal plate I made a plasma torch holder for the Universal plate.
I just wanted to point out that in all the instructions that all mounts (Colt/Dewalt/Bosh/etc) all use the spacers to move the plate 9.5mm away from the Z-Axis to keep the Acme screw in alignment. This Acme screw will bind if it is not running straight. there is nothing wrong with using shorter screws as long as you have proper alignment.