Script error

I have been attempting to play in Easel just to get a feel for it. The program runs very sluggish and I get a error about a long script running. Since this is web based I would not think it would need a very fast computer to run it. Any ideas on what could be slowing me down?

Sorry about that @JayFlynn are you experiencing this problem on load with nothing on the canvas or with a design on the canvas?

It happens at load. It just runs very sluggish. If I do manage to get something on the canvas it does not change behavior. Tonight I will try it on a different machine to see if it is just a script error on the laptop I have been using.

What kind of computer / browser are you using? Easel is a pretty heavy duty web app and needs a moderately modern platform to run on, but we’ve tested it with even very low-power (but modern) laptops and it seems to run at a good clip.

I just tried it in google chrome instead of ie and it worked much better.

We’ve been fixing bugs in IE recently, but overall yeah I would definitely recommend Chrome > IE. It will run considerably faster.