Script offset to the right

So help an ol man out here pls. This is centered to material from the edit tab, as you can see (i hope) its off to the right. How do I fix this?

thanks, geo

It centers from the boundry line around the text. So if the boundry line is off set to one side or the other it will be off set.

You can add a shape (circle, square, etc) move that shape away from your design.
Set new shape to 0 depth.
Select shape and text.
Edit > combine (or Ctrl +J)

Your text will no longer be editable, but instead be converted to nodes like a regular svg

You are speaking another language to me. I appreciate the input but where oh where do I begin to get all this info you guys speak of. So I’m trying to layout this sign, haven’t yet figured on the exact font or anything yet so dont want to lock it down. Whats an SVG?

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The easiest thing to do is select the image and use the arrows on your keyboard to move it over, sometimes centering certain fonts doesn’t actually center them and you need to eyeball them.
Now what Seth and Wayne are talking about I will attempt to explain in this Easel file.
The first word Text is inside a box
Then I added a circle above the box and selected the text and the circle. Select the text and hold down the shift key on your keyboard and select the circle.
When both the text and circle are selected go to Edit the combine.
Then it makes you text an object and it will center better.
Also when you select the text and the box a window will pop up that will allow you to center the objects selected.

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This will explain a bit better :slight_smile:

Basically a SVG is scalable without loss of quality, the curves stay true curves without getting all pixelated for example…

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