SD Card Independant X-Carve

I have seen a few posts regarding standalone X-Carve. I do a good ideal of 3D printing and would love to just plug in an SD card or USB stick with the Easel/V-Carve G-coded file on board. It is so convenient with the 3D printer and it is in an environment conducive to computers. The woodworking shop etc. is somewhat hostile to computers. This would make a lot of sense to me. Are there any solutions out there? I have bought the new controller and frankly it doesn’t do as much as I thought. It cost me 2x3D printers. I am not after being cheap, its the convenience I am after. I love my X-Carve it has made many people happy. That is except for my second computer. By the way they cost around 3x3D printers.

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Well, iirc I saw somewhere where you could use a raspberry pi maybe? My 3d printer I have octopi setup and it’s great. Not sure about the x carve though… I would also love to see this feature! Wasn’t wanting to drop the money for the x controller.

What I’m having to do now is just make all of my easel projects in a convenient place then save the project and I have a spare laptop setup always hooked to the x carve. Works well for me but not optimal for most people without an additional PC.

Didn’t read all through this but I think this is the article I found and you just upload the file to the rasp pi remotely.

Rpi and UGCS work fine. I was doing it tonight acually.

I use either a laptop or iPad to VNC connect.

RaspPi 3 with UGS works great been doing this way for awhile now and love it. I also use easel local with the raspberry pi and then use X-Carve-server as per the instructions at when I want to design and send from my Linux machine upstairs, also works like a charm. so like AngusMcleod stated you can use Linux and possibilities are not limited. I use it and am very pleased with the system.

I did set this up and use it. The Raspberry Pi has a faster processor than the almighty Arduino and it was dropping Gcode. I couldn’t trust the setup enough to leave it alone even with the camera add-on. I went to the house to get a cup of tea and came back to smoke! The router was trying to cut a tangential line through 1/2 inch of wood and then soon to be clamp. Even though Easel is basic it is solid and reliable when connected to a $1000 PC