Search Functionality for projects page

Good day everyone,
Am i missing the search functionality somewhere on the projects page? I would love to look for a specific project without having to scroll through a ton of different projects. As this community is getting fairly large now I would love to see the possibility of Inventables bringing the idea of this possibility back to life.

I asked a similar question in July of 2015 nothing has changed since then :slight_smile:

I did see your request and even saw that Mr. Kaplan was involved in a few other forums around this. My hope is this will get some traction or even brought up to the team to rethink adding this into their site. It would help out also all the new people that are getting X-Carves.

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There is this external site, might help:

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Customer support for the hardware is excellent. Customer support for the software, not so much.


On the Projects page select “ALL PROJECTS” at the bottom of the listing on the left. Wait a while for it to load (with my internet connection, wait a LONG while!) Then use the browser’s “Find” or “Find On This Page” or similar feature to search the page.

I did that last night was looking for something and after a real long time i was able to browse thru things. Then i found something of interest and looked at it and when i hit back i set there for another 15 minutes waiting for it to backup to where i was. There are some neat ideas there but it is a pain to find them and then to back out and look for more. I can see what you are saying but if you don’t know what you are looking for you are in for a long journey.