"Search" is your friend

I tend to see the same questions being asked over and over.
The search function is there for a reason.
Please use it first, before posting previously answered, similar questions.


Please tread lightly on this subject many great minds have already been lost asking such things here. I may even get a warning or suspension just for saying what I have said. Good day and Godspeed my friend.


Well, SEARCH ain’t what it use to be.

Just yesterday I was attempting to offer a link to a thread I had referenced several times. I contained information I thought would answer a user’s question. But reading through the posts it became painfully clear it made little sense. It seems the recent rash of contributors leaving and having their post deleted in the process has seriously damaged the usefulness of search.

So I totally expect to see many previously answered questions asked again.

Name redacted
This user is suspended until May 20, 2292 5:04 pm.

Yep. Most likely.

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Is that why some older threads seem to have people talking to themselves? I’ve been trying to figure that out…

Careful @ShaneBell

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Does the ban carry on to next generations ?

Don’t know. Guess it depends on the software.

It was explained to me that in order to just out and out ban someone, you would do that with a date that is far into the future with this forum software package.

Don’t know how that date was picked, but surely it would work its purpose.