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So i’m flying out from England to Seattle this weekend, i’ll be in the city visiting family for 2 weeks. We’ve been before so we’ve done most of the tourist stuff. So i know i’m defiantly going to go up to the Rockler Store as we don’t have stores like this in England. Also your HomeDepot makes our B&Q look like a corner store, so i want to walk round for a while.

I’ve been asked to tile a outdoor balcony so i need to go and get some stuff for that, but it won’t take me more than a few days.

Anything worth going to see? I’ll defiantly hit a few brewery’s as US beer has come on a lot some is very drinkable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well your from england I think you will find it pretty similar to england if I where there I would hope on over to cnc router parts and meet the guys lol but thats just me

Hey Alex,

I lived in Seattle for several years. It’s a beautiful city if you don’t have to commute. I enjoyed the Japanese garden, the Future of Flight Museum. Green Lake is pretty. I loved Eastlake Bar & Grill on Lake Union. Rockler has moved from Stoneway. It’s now just east of Northgate Mall and there’s a Home Depot a few miles west of that, just watch out for the meth heads. If I think of anything else, I post it.

welcome to america lol home depot and meth heads they are among us

Be sure to check out . They are right off I-5 Corson/Michiga exit and really easy to find.


I’ve always been told this is an interesting place to go.

Also, CrossCut Hardwoods, which is an amazing indoor lumber yard. It’s my go-to for specialty wood.

That reminded me that Pikes Place Market just recently opened a new expansion. I haven’t been down there yet to see it yet

If you haven’t been to Seattle since 2012, then you’ve probably not been to the Chihuly glass museum near the Space Needle. Well worth it. Also, the Seattle Arboretum and Japanese garden is probably in full Fall bloom right now.

It’s pumpkin beer season in Seattle. Elysian Brewery has some great ones.

And don’t forget to take the SLUT for a ride! :smiley:

you think they could of come up with something better lol for the

South Lake Union Streetcar

if you have some time you could shoot on down south to Portland, OR and see the worlds smallest PARK!

I am puzzled why no one has mentioned Mt Rainier?
In my opinion that is the Jewel of Washington state.

And they’re right next to the Milwaukee tools store!

I actually made all of the stainless steel hangers for the Chihuly exhibit. They had to be destructively tested to meet insurance guidelines…:sunglasses:

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Thanks all for idea’s

I was last out in Seattle last year and did the Chihuly exhibit, it was brilliant. Such skill.

I’ll defiantly be heading back to Pike Place Brewing company

The “kilt Lifter” is a really nice beer.

Prices for Tools in the US is so much lower than in the UK. I’d like to get another battery or two for my Ryobi stuff but i don’t know if i can bring it back in my luggage or not. I’m going to ask in the airport on my way out.

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