Securing base to torsion box question


New here. Just about to start assembling my new 1000x1000 x-carve. I see people talking about fastening the xcarve to the torsion box itself to increase rigidity. How could I do that? Drill through extrusions and into the torsion box and secure it with screws that way? Does anyone have pictures of how they got it done?


I bought the brackets designed for extrusion, I attached one side of the L to the extrusion and ran a screw thru the other into the torsion box.

Do you by any chance would still have the link for the brackets you bought? Thanks

Let me look and see if I can find it, I’ll send some pics as well…

I simply cut a rabbet with the grain of a piece of wood leaving the “tongue” just thin enough to slip into the slot on the extrusion. Then ripped the wood across the grain to about 1 1/4" wide and cut it to 2 1/2’’ long.
I then drilled appropriate sized holes for a couple of screws, slip the tongue into the slot, (OOH, That just sounds WRONG!) make that extrusion, and and with a screw through the prviously drilled hole, fasten it down to the torsion box. no mods to the extrusion needed.

Haven’t had a chance to find the part, pretty sure I got it from openbuilds, but here’s what I did, no modifications needed…