Securing belts and tension adjustment

I am having issues with keeping the belts tight. I have read that some folks have had luck using a fishscale to set an arbitrary tension but haven’t seen what the optimum should be. Has anyone tried to add a spring to the adjustment end to keep the tension the same?

Just got my fish scale from Amazon. This will help!

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I tried the spring Thing. Their sitting in my spare parts box now. I had the zip ties for awhile and it worked great. I upgraded to the gt3 set up and found some belt clamps at openbuilds. Their ok. A pain to use but they look better.

I know right lol. They work good but you have to use pliers to crimp them on. So once I got started it was too late to stop. I considered it a challenge after that.

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I posted a little gizmo that Imade from 1/4 delrin somewhere on this board. I’m on a phone but can look when get home. The belts don’t budge any more

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Here it is


For the Y axis I would try setting one side with a fish scale, then setting the other Y belt by plucking it and matching the pitch of the first one.

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That’s my motto!

Some people can’t hear the difference. I’ve played in bands with a few of them, lol.

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What fish scale did you buy? Share a link maybe?

This one. $8.79

American Weigh Scales AMW-SR-20 Yellow Digital HanGinG Scale, 44lb by 0.02 LB


I made a video about belt tension, it’s in this thread: X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!

My belts are set to about 3.15 pounds to lift up 1 inch in the middle. I got this cheap fish scale from Amazon:

As a warning; I tried to check my belt tension tonight, and yanked one of my y axis belts right off the machine. It was secured with a zip tie AND shrink wrap. Wasn’t getting a reading on the scale, and kept pulling… Whoops!!

Don’t do it.

Thanks for all of the suggestions and tips. I ziptied all the ends and secured it with heat shrink, that made it look neater too. I haven’t gotten the scale yet but at least they sound about the same and seem to be tight. Thanks again to all of you!