Securing Wider Z Pulley to Lead Screw

Looking for suggestions here…

I’ve got the hardware on the way to upgrade my Z-Axis lead screw pulley to accommodate 9 mm wide belt. Thing is, since the pulley itself is going to be overall wider (axially), there’s going to be less available thread at the top of the lead screw for the securing hex nut. I checked with calipers, and I will be able to get the nut on there, but it might not make it all the way to the nylon lock collar.

I went searching the forums, but couldn’t find anyone who’s also performed this upgrade mentioning this particular issue. Will I basically just have to keep an eye on that nut and make sure to tighten it back down every so often? Should I hit it with Loctite? Other ideas?

make a t shape/hat style nut. can be done fairly crude and still be better than using stock.

scrap of steel and metric tap. removable loctite when assembled