See these pics and offer advice please

Just thought the edges were abit rough and some snagging in the wood. the actual wood is ash and i selected walnut from the materials menu because thought they’re both hardwood.
do i need change the spindle speed and if so wheres the option, or do you think its cut speed.

I increased the voltage to the steppers by 45 degrees clockwise and does not appear to be loosing position, saying that the off cuts I’m using are only 10cm x 10cm.

Cheers Guys!

The fuzzes you are seeing are primarily caused by a combination of the bit and the wood type. Some wood types are very difficult to cut cleanly and some router bits, especially if they are dull, have geometries that seem to cause more fuzzing. Possibly the easiest solution would be to switch to a down cut bit. Here the spirals are set up so they push the cuttings down back into the material. This does require more power but since it is pushing the cutting edge down into the wood as well, it tends to shear the stringy pieces of the wood off more effectively.

Just as a caution, I’ve read of fires caused by down cut bits typically in industrial settings caused by the friction of the bit packing too much dust into the hole. I wouldn’t recommend leaving the machine unattended until you have gained experience with the bit.

When looking at your photos I see the most tear out and fuzz when the end mill is traveling against the wood grain or across the wood grain. This is pretty much a normal condition, most hard woods do not like cross or against the grain cuts.

Soft woods are even worse. You can have large splinters break out.



I assume that you’re looking for advice on the fuzzies.

David and Rick are right that this is “normal” surface condition using an upspiral bit. If you look into using a downspiral bit you might have better luck on the surface finish, but the tradeoff is lower feed rate. I did a thread on this topic that might be of use to you. See here:

I have been using these to make quick work of the "fuzzies.’ Use a very, very light hand and they will last longer.

thanks for the replies I’m going make some cuts with the different bits.