Seeking epoxy advice

I’ve always been super intrigued by those epoxy river tables and things, so I figured I would take a stab at it. I do have a couple quick questions before I begin.

  • What’s ‘the best’ epoxy to use for this? It seems every single video, or thread, I look at, they’re using a different brand. Is there a ‘standard’ that most people seem to like best, or is priced more competitively than others? If it matters, it’s looking like I’ll have to put the epoxy on vertical surfaces, so minimal sag is preferred while still having enough to make a gloss/mirror finish.

  • Similar question for dyes.

  • For an epoxy river speaker baffle, the inside of the speaker won’t be lit. I’m wondering how to make the colored epoxy pop. Maybe painting the back of the river white/silver?

  • Does dried epoxy handle milling as well as wood (in this case, walnut)?

I’ve never done Epoxy but I have learned a lot by watching this guy, they have a lot of videos on YouTube. Has anybody used Stone Coat Countertops?

I would look through the YouTube videos of Evan and Katelyn as well as Matt Cremona. They have both done significant projects involving Epoxy pours including ones with dyes and glitter.

I have used gallons of their products. Greatest stuff around!

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Do those products have harmful VOCs?

No. Hardly even any smell.

@JeffParish - can you clarify whether you’re using TotalBoat or the Stone Coat epoxy?

Stone Coat

Thank you Jeff!

Yes thanks Jeff

Thanks Jeff, I’m going to give it a try one day.

Thanks @JeffParish! Would you mind mentioning what sort of characteristics Stone Coat has that the others don’t? I’m excited to get rolling, but I want to make sure I get the right stuff for my project!

Lot of info on Youtube. Watch all their videos. Very informative. Best thing I like is Top Coat, for thin layers and their Casting Epoxy for thick pours. Plus crystal clear and lots of great tints and colors. I have poured 4" deep in single pour with no problems. Most (if not all) other brands that I’ve seen, can only pour 1/4" at a time, and you get the chance of bubbles between layers. That would have taken me 8 days to pour vrs Stone Coat in 1 day. Very happy with their products and service. Check out their videos and if you have other questions, just give them a call. They even have a real person that answers the phone. Good luck!


Most important things to keep in mind when pouring epoxy:

Make sure you mix it A LOT

Make sure you let it cure for AT LEAST 3 days

Make sure you SEAL your wood with a thin clear coat layer a day prior to your pour. This will help eliminate bubbles. If bubbles form, after about 10 minutes, hit them with a heat gun. Repeat in 10 more minutes.

Vertical surfaces will NEVER coat evenly. Epoxy follows gravity.

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Just finished this (Stone Coat) Monkey pod table. “Like Glass”


That’s a beaut!

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hi there, i am making a wooden floor with tile in lade into it. I was wondering if you guys knew the best epoxy for me to use that is not in a glossy? or a way that i can make it look matte with out sanding? its going to be about 500 Square feet. Thank you!