Selecting all elements of one copied group

I create a multi-element pattern to carve. I then copy it several times on the same piece of stock. How can I select all the elements of one of the copies to move it, while leaving the other copies undisturbed? It seems all the elements are selected at the initial paste, but I don’t see how to get there afterwards.

Welcome to the Forum, Click and drag over the group you want to select, stay close and tight as you will likely get other parts you don’t want. Then HOLD the Shift key down then click on the elements that you selected that you don’t actually want. Then move with your mouse.


If you don’t need to select separate elements of the pattern once it’s designed and they are all the same depth etc I would select all (command A is a convenient short cut for this) and then hit combine.

Once you’ve done this you can copy and paste the pattern as a whole and select each pasted pattern as required for placement.