Selecting items for two stage cut


I have a on going product which i cut using easel. Currently i need to change bits part way through the carve. I do this by setting all the parts i want to carve with the second bit to a 0 depth and let the machine complete the carve. I then change all the parts i’ve just cut to 0 and the parts i want to cut with the second bit to full depth and re run the carve. This is a bit slow, i’ve also tried having two files which i run the first and then the second which also works… unless you need to move an object.

So would it be possible to select an object and say cut this with the second bit, I could then select all the bits i need to cut second and just set the machine going from one file.

This is a little different from using a large bit to remove the bulk of the material and a smaller bit for detail so if the two systems would be compatible i don’t know.

It was also mentioned on another post about creating layers in Easel. I guess i could then set two layers and have the X carve cut the first layer, change the bit and then cut the second.

Just and idea.


I do similar in easel. I make a copy of my design and erase everything I want to carve with the first bit and leave what I want for the second. So it’s carve finish open other tab in browser and carve again keeping same xy

everything i do takes 2 or three bits. the new “WorkPieces” tool in Easel is great. i design something, then click “duplicate”
on the thumbnail on the bottom of the screen As many times as i need. Then it is just a matter of deleting various things from each one.