Selecting outside path carved inside path, twice

So I have a project, I needed to create 4 inlayed items. The first 3 sets went fine, today however I tried to carve out the last piece of wood I needed, it was an inlay of expensive african hardwood. I opened the same easel project file I’d used for the other 3 pieces and got carving, right away I noticed the dimensions were wrong, it was carving the inside path rather than the outside path that I had selected. The preview was correct, but the actual carving was not. Did something happen? Did easel get updated in the last day or two? I just ruined my last piece of this expensive wood and now I’m unable to finish my project on time. To say I’m a little pissed is an understatement. I’ve double and triple checked all my configurations and everything is fine, the only thing that could have caused this was a change to easel that modified how my saved project was sent to the machine.

As an update, the shape I’m cutting is basically a large rectangle, with pieces in the middle that are cut out. The large rectangle outter part still cut to the correct dimensions, it’s the inner part that did not. It’s like easel changed the way it decided to handle interior elements of a shape.