Selling 1000x1000 with extras UK

I’m selling my X-Carve 1000x1000. It has the following extras: dust collection system, full XYZ limit switches, All extra drill bit sets sold on the site (Over 30 bits), clamps kit, tool kit. All upgrades excluding the engraver upgrade.

The device is fully built and tested, collection only for it, based in South Wales, UK.

I bought the kit 6 months ago but because of work I haven’t been able to use it and its just gathering dust, all the bit sets and clamps are still in their sealed plastic bags!! I’m looking for £2,000 for the entire set, even though I bought it for £3,000. Open to considering reasonable offers.


Josh :slight_smile:


I’m interested in this product, Is this still for sale?

I live in England

Kind regards,


Hi Liam,

The product is still available. :slight_smile:

  • Josh

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your quick response :+1:t3:, please could you enlighten me regarding its current state. Does it have all parts so it’s ready to go?

Also, I’m talking to my wife about available funds for the purchase- what’s the bottom price?

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Hi Liam,

I would be willing to go as low as £1800. The router and parts are currently stored in my shed, ready to go.

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Hi Josh,

Were to are you in south wales? Intressted.

Regards Rhys

Morning Josh,

As this thread is still open, have you sold or is your x-Carve still available?

Kind regards

Hi, yes this item is still for sale. Apologies for the delay in response


Hey Josh,

Still for sale?

Send me your mobile number :ok_hand:

Hello, I assume this has sold by now but on the chance it hasn’t please get in touch. Very interested.
Thank you


Whats the update on this. is it still for sale.

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