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Selling 1000x1000 XCarve New plus extras

1000x1000 XCarve is built except the controller. I built a sound / dust enclosure for it also with plexiglass viewing window. I can provide additional photos and speak with you via phone, text or email.

All-in I’m at $2700 in purchases… all brand new. I will let it go for $2k firm.

If local pickup, I’m in Manchester NH and I will include the enclosure for free.

If shipping this out, it will be only the XCarve, Dewalt router, accessories, bits, etc.

Why am I selling? My mom moved into my home and requires 24/7 care. This is just sitting in the garage and I’m going to have the time for this between my job and being a full time caregiver.

I purchased the XCarve in Nov ‘19. Tough decision to sell this but this will not get the attention it deserves from me anytime soon so I hope you will!

Thanks for your consideration!


Is this still available? Ill offer 1500.00


It’s brand new & I assembled it. I’m in it for $2700 with bits and upgraded dust collect boot. I can’t take a $1200 bath, sorry. $2k firm. Thanks.


Will you ship to Texas. Zip is 76131. Ill pay you the 2 grand you want

Im gonna need all including the controller

Hi James

I would include everything that came with it, and the bits I bought and the lighted dust boot I bought.
I have not tested any of the electronics because I have not competed the full build. Got to the controller, then my mom moved in and it’s been 24/7 since then.

Would you be willing to split shipping cost? I think it might be between $100-200. I have to crate it, it’s big and heavy. I have a scale like the ones at the doctors office. I will weigh myself the next with the unit to get weight. I will estimate the size of the box…very well packed. Then I will see what the estimate is to TX. Can you provide a city/town so I can do that?

I live in Ft. Worth Texas 76131. I dont need the box. Just the X-Carve and the extras. I dont know how to send private messages but you can call me 972-655-6098

James it was great chatting with you. It’s agreed that this is better off sold locally and nearer to where I live in NH. Good luck finding one!

This is still for sale as of July 3 at 12 noon eastern standard time

I am interested in buying your x carve if it is still available, can you call me 8653382603. can work with the shipping cost.