Selling 500mm Heavily Upgraded X-Carve. Jacksonville, FL

This machine is as complete as it gets for the 500mm X-Carve. Rigid and completely capable of milling aluminum.

I’m off to graduate school soon and am no longer able to keep my CNC with me while I move. The electronics can be sold either with the CNC or separately. Soundproof enclosure not included. Local pickup in Jacksonville only. Feel free to come check it out!

Electronics - $425
CNC - $700
Electronics + spindle + VFD - $625
CNC + spindle + VFD - $850
Everything - $1150


  • 500mm
  • Nema 23 steppers
  • Aluminum bed
  • 5/8" thick aluminum tall y-axis plates
  • Steel plate for x-axis stiffening
  • DeWalt 611 spindle mount


  • 0.8 kW air cooled
  • 1.5kW VFD controller @ 120V
  • 3D printed spacer for securing spindle to mount


  • Planet CNC mk 3/4 controller board with software
  • Planet CNC output board (controls spindle on/off/reverse and speed through gcode)
  • 3 Leadshine DM422 stepper drivers
  • Iot Relay. Switch on electronics enclosure controls power to relay (for things like shopvac or dust extractor)
  • Electronics enclosure has a switch for each of the electronic components and power supplies
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Mean Well 12V DC 12.5A 150W power supply
  • Mean Well 24V DC 12.5A 300W power supply


How can you part with this thing of beauty? I will send a link to my buddy in Jacksonville - he knows lots of people.


Thanks! It’s really tough to be without a CNC after having one.

I’m in Orlando and interested. email me to discuss:

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