Selling 500mm Upgraded X-Carve. eBay

I listed my modified 500mm X-Carve (not the newest model) on eBay as a 7-day auction. I no longer have a space to use the machine for the next few years and haven’t been able to find a local buyer. Shipping is free!

Description, photos, and video of machine

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Does the computer and everything that was in the original listing on here come with the listing on eBay?

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Hmmm, thought this was sold remember when I was half way across the country and going to pick it up…then two days before I was coming to get it you told me it was sold…? This was after I was in Florida just confirming the day we were meeting up.

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Yes, it was sold to a family member who could no longer use it. I hope that didn’t inconvenience you, sorry! It’s hard to say no to family!

Unfortunately, the computer and all of the electronics are not included.

What all would be required to make this an operational unit?

It needs a controller (and arduino), power supply, and spindle