Selling 750 x 750 X-Carve for sale, Indianapolis, Indiana

$ 1,900 or best offer.

Purchased in March of 2018 and not heavily used. Wasteboard in good condition but comes with a brand new unused Wasteboard. Also have license for VCarve Pro current version and several purchased projects from Design & Make (cost about $500.00). Dust Control System and about 40 bits included. Selling because I am concentrating on my Glowforge Laser business.

How about 1000.00 and ship it to Texas

No thanks.

Do you still have interested mesg me

Yes I still have the equipment.

Is your system 750 x 750 work area or size because I know they make a 1000x1000 but work area is only 750x750 I still like to look at it and I don’t live to far from you so there will be know need to ship

Is there a way I can contact you for a phone number to talk to make arrangements to look at thanks mike

It is size, it was the middle option when I made the purchase. You can call me at 317-409-0175.