Selling Carvey $1,750 OBO

Used once since bought as a Kickstarter. Comes with 21 sample material pieces, drill bits, 2 Project packs, plus a $100 Inventables gift card that came included when first purchased. (Do not have the original box).

Available in Edmonton, AB Canada. Can deliver anywhere if you pay shipping, or pickup for free in Edmonton.

Drill pieces: (Never used)
-Single Flute Upcut End Mill
-1F Spiral Upcut
-Fishtail, 2 Flute Spiral bit
-Fishtail, 2 Flute Spiral bit
-2F Straight

Also Includes: (Never used)
-Carbon Fiber Composites Digital Caliper
-Super Jet Quick Bonding Super Glue
-Square File
-Sanding Sponge
-6 Wood Samples (included in Kick Starter package)
-15 material Samples (included in Kick Starter package)

Project Pack: Noise-O-Tron PCB (Never used)
Circuit Board Blanks
PCB Drill Set
PCB Milling BIts

Carvey Project Pack: Address Maker (Never used)
Silver Metallic Acrylic
Slow Bonding Extra Strength Gel - Slow Jet
Pure Tung Oil
Fish Tail, 2 Flute, Spiral Bit

Hi! Is it still for sale? If so, I’m very interested in buying it.


Yes, it is still available in Edmonton, Alberta.

Great! Is shipping it to Denmark okay with you? (I’ll pay) - otherwise, I have a US address as well.
Would you mind sending a few pictures of the machine to my email: rasmus at hauschild dot dk


Hey again! Did you have time to look at my last message? :blush:

Hey man!
If you’re not comfortable with shipping your Carvey, I completely get that.
I will of course take the risk on me, if something was to break.

In case you are interested, I am still looking for a Carvey - please let me know what you think.