Selling files online (etsy)

I’ve designed a few things in Easel and thought there may be a market for the files to sell. My first thought is Etsy, but I am aware there are other file markets online. Is it as simple as downloading the G-code from Easel then uploading it to Etsy and following their process?

I know I’m not retiring off of the money made, and that it costs money to post on Etsy. I thought it might get me some pocket change and open another revenue stream.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey John, you can certainly do that. However you’d be setting yourself up for bad reviews which basically kill an Etsy store. Here’s why: the user would need to know and have the same bits as you did in the setup, the same size material and want the exact same size end result. Oh and the same model CNC, or one that’s even stronger…

You’d be better off to Sell the Design as a SVG file, and you could offer the Easel Project as a project and allow the purchaser to edit the tools, the size, etc within the Easel project.

To save the SVG go to Project>Download Project (zip) then unzip the file and you’ve got the SVG.
To Share an Easel Project, follow the 2nd half of this video: Simple Method - How To send a friend your Easel Project - YouTube
And then you’ve got a link you can provide within a word document as an upload to the Sales Listing on Etsy. The buyer could then download the SVG and the Word Document and if they happen to use Easel they can use the link in the word document to access a COPY of the Easel Project, IF they use a different software then they have the SVG that they can upload into that other software.

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