Selling my X-Carve

Hello everyone,
I bought a 500mm X-Carve back in 2015, I was so excited when I got it put together. The assembly was a little difficult for me, however, I got it together. I tried several attempts to get the calibration right, but never could. I couldn’t get it to cut in the right path, for instance just cutting a simple circle it would make about 2 passes and it would start cutting a wider circle. Needless to say, I am very frustrated so I have decided to sell it. I have only attempted to cut maybe 10 circles, so it’s practically new. $800

Yes I did. I think I bit off more than I could chew. I am in Alabama, close to Ardmore AL/TN which in close to the AL/TN State Line.

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Is this still for sale? Can you box it up and ship it?

Yes, it is still available. Where do you live?

Hello Melissa: Is your X-Carve still for sale?

Hello! Is this still available?

Located in middle tn, please let me know if this is still available. Email me at