Selling or Trading my 1000mm XCarve

I have an upgraded XCarve with new rails, new router, new controller…new everything.

I purchased it in 2016, struggled with getting it to work well for longer than a few carves, then upgraded in 2018 with GREAT success. I love the machine and it does amazing work, however it’s really just too big for my space and for my usage.

I own a makerspace for kids and we teach design and fabrication using 3D printers, a laser cutter (Glowforge) and the XCarve. But practically all of our XCarve projects are 12’ X 12’ or smaller. The machine is just a bit big for us.

I’d like to sell it and purchase the 500mm one to replace it. Possibly a trade.

I am at home right now and only have a few pictures on my phone - which I uploaded. As you can see the wasteboard is carved into - a result of the first year or so of troubles with motors and the original router - but this machine is in great working order.

Let me know your thoughts…

if you are looking for some small i have two small CNC that i want to sale.

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Where are you located? What is the price? I may be interested in this. Can you also provide a list of what you have with this.

What size are those?

the green is 20" x 20"

I’m located in South Florida. I’d need to get $1000 for it. It’s rebuilt to new - new rails, motors, and a new router. The only thing that is worn is the waste board.

Where in Florida?

I have a (mostly stock) 2016 500mm X-Carve I’d be willing to trade. I stopped using it once I got a 750mm, so it probably has less than 10 hours on it. I upgraded the X,Y motors to NEMA 23. It also has the older gShield, not the X-controller. Any idea how the shipping would be done to CA?

Would you consider removing the Wasteboard and shipping ?? I am in Illinois

Do you still have this for sale I’m interested and in central FL

Yes I do. You can text me at five six one, two three six, zero nine three eight.

Boca Raton. Sorry. I have not been on here in quite some time.

Is this still available?

What types of things would you want to trade for, and is this still available?

Sold. Thank you!