Selling x carve 1000 x 1000

Hi I’m selling my x carve 1000 x 1000 in the U.K. Manchester I have virtually built it but never used it so it’s more or less brand new… It is fully loaded and I have a makita router and bracket which I have never attached but it’s ready to go. The only reason for the sale is financial… anyone who is interested give me a shout!! Many thanks guys

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Kieran, just curious as to how much you would be asking for your x carve & how long have you had the machine ?

Hi sandy. I have had the machine as a kit about 4-5 months I paid just over £1100 then the makita router separate which was £160… the x carve itself has never been used the router very little use… I would like around £800 for the lot many thanks

Hello Kieran hope you are well? What’s there chance of this. I have just joined the forum to see if anyone has an X carve near me to see and view in Nottingham UK before I decide what kind of cnc to buy. I’m originally from~Manchester in Denton and will be coming up on Sunday for the Black Sabbath concert. Please contact me on 07931 704047 to discuss this or send me your contact details. Mike


My partner and I are based in St Helens, a short drive to Manchester, and are in the market for a pre-owned x-carve.

Would love to get in contact regarding yours advertised here. Please contact us on 07756344780 ( Hope to hear from you soon

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey. I’m just in Bradford and would like to buy this cnc of you. Here’s my number just give me a bell in your own time thanks. 07514198237.

do you still have it

hi i’m interested if you ship it in italy