Semicirles wanted

How do I draw a semicircle. Either just the arc or a circle cut in half?

Create a circle that you want, then create a square a little larger than the circle with a 0 depth. Then just place the square ontop of the circle where you want it.


If you want an arc (I am thinking crescent moon) you can also use another circle with zero fill cover as wanted select both then combine.

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Will it not cut without combining them?

You can make several of them using the same technique so you have them set at different depths to crate a smooth pocket shape. I have seen this with the clamps for easel

Hmm I see. Ill have to try a few so I can see how it looks. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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There is a way to do this. Let me see if I can explain correctly. I will go into Easel and do some screen grabs.

Be right back.

if this picture doesn’t help, I’ll try to write up a better explanation after I get home from work tonight. Getting ready to leave.

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Thanx for the tips. In the end I am trying to make a semicircle with a tab in the middle of the straight side and a hole in the tab. If that makes sense. I will make sketch and up load

something like this?

Ahh. Now I understand. Thanx all

Thanks for the tip. never thought of doing it like that.