Send project and turn off pc?

is possible send the projects in the arduino and then turn off the pc?


I think you can do everything related with stuff that happens in a computer but in this case this is going to need major overhauling to the firmware in the Arduino. Maybe you could save small projects in the Arduino flash but it might be cheaper just to get a raspberry pi and run some code sender from it.

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As it sits, no. However, you can use a raspberry pi and GRBLweb to do it. I have done it with a Pi zero and connecting it to wifi and the arduino via a USB hub hub.

You could also get one of these The new Pi 3 has built in wifi, so it would run that quite well.

Safety Police here! :slight_smile:
Bad idea… Leads to laziness and unattended machines.
If you are worried about energy consumption, get a windows tablet or a slim PC that goes to sleep…
Something like @BradT mentioned would work great from that aspect.

Ok thank you,and if the pc go in screensaver mode o sleep mode? The work go on?
My x-carve arrive tomorrow…

Never leave your machine running unattended. When the big factories do lights out machining they have sensors and safety systems in place to shut down the machine in the event of an issue. With X-Carve the operator is required to shut down the machine is an issue arises.

Even if the machine is operating properly thing can happen like the material might not be clamped well and starts moving, the but breaks, or the bit is not tight in the collet. You’ll learn the good and bad sounds the machines can make.

you’re right, my intention was not to let her work alone.
I just wanted to know in case the pc goes into sleep mode what happens? hangs the work? of course I would be ever present until the end of the work.

You must disable sleep option on your PC. If pc goes sleep, stepper movements stops, your bit is spinning on same spot like crazy. You’ll see smoke comes out of it. Best case of scenario your bit will be burned and dull, worst is starts fire on your work piece after while. If any way pc stops sending commands, you better turn your X-Carve immediately.

Ok thank you

… also the plastic parts in the xcarve have c4 they might explode on malfunction.

In any case I don’t think this question was related with unmonitored printing but for reliability. I always prefer to run my 3d prints from sd card because that, you can’t beat realtime stuff happening in the Arduino.

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