Sending jobs to the xcarve

How do I send jobs to the xcarve machine? I have created a design but cannot figure out how to send it to the xcarve machine for it to start cutting.

The green button up on the right that says CARVE.

I cannot see a green button on the right of the screen that says carve.

I viewed several videos and none of them say how to send the job to the X-Carve machine. I know I am missing something that is quite simple. I am proficient with Corel Draw and Embroidery software but I cannot get the functions on this program.

The button has to be green. Check and make sure everything is on and running and make sure your usp is pluged in both ends.

You are not in Easel you will need to transfer that file to Easel.

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You are using VCarve or Aspire. Right side of screen, lower right icon looks like an old diskette. Click that to save your gcode file to a location you’ll remember. You will also be presented with a screen where you choose the post processor. If using an X-Carve, select that. There are two versions- one if you’re using inches, the other if millimeters.

Once the gcode file is saved, use Easel to open the file, and THEN you’ll see a green CARVE button.

Best of luck!

I thought if we purchased the VCarve program we did not need the Easel software.

Okay, I was able to get to the easel software. Now the laptop cannot find the port to send to the machine. I am disappointed that I still need to do this online. I was under the assumption that if I purchased the Vcarve software I could work offline. Oh well that is a conversation for another day. Right now I just want to get this working.

I tried to enter the Com port manually through “device manager” but my laptop does not recognize the X-Controller.

I forgot to mention, My “Carve” button is blue, not green. What am I doing wrong?

How do I download the free easel software? I am thinking that is what I need.

Have you set up your machine yet?

You don’t “need” to use Easel to send the code to the X-Carve. There are other programs that can do that, for example Universal Gcode Sender (UGS) which you can download for free here:

But you will always need to know which serial port your X-Carve is using, so that the sender can connect to the machine.

You WILL need to use EASEL to setup the machine at least once so that the computer will recognize the X Controller, and download/install the driver. Follow the procedure for your particular machine in the Inventables instructions to complete the setup.

From that point, you can then utilize UGS, PicSender, or another G Code sender software program to send G code to the X carve without being online, and V Carve, Fusion 360, or other software to generate the G code.

Isn’t it just an FTDI driver?
There’s nothing special about the FT232 chip on the controller, so why does one NEED Easel?

That is correct, however, it appears that the level of experience for this user is very limited at the moment. My response to the user does two things at a minimum.

  1. It assures proper setup and initial download of the grbl settings for his particular machine in easel.
  2. It verifies that his machine is operating properly and is able to carve (first easel carve).

My experience is limited with this program but I was under the assumption that I could work offline because I purchased the VCarve program. All my other programs such as Coreldraw, and my program for cutting vinyl, and embroidery work off line and don’t require another program to send to the machine.

I realize that it will take a learning curve to use it but it is not explained in the tutorials that you still need Easel to communicate. I know now. I downloaded it and am learning. I was atremting to carve out a design today and I lost internet connection and could not start the job because I could not get Easel on my computer.

@JesusHernandez LOTS of offline options.
I like CNCjs. UGS is another popular one. V-carve (newest version) has a built-in sender, though I didn’t like it.
Check here for a pretty thorough list of options:

CNC’ing is a 3-stage process:

  • Design (CAD)
  • Generating machine code, gcode (CAM)
  • Carving (CNC)

Easel is a 3-1package, it perform all thee stages in a neat, simple and relative capable way.

Vcarve, Aspire, Fusion360, etc etc are stage 1-2 only and require a gcode sender to parse the machine code to the physical machine. Easel can perform the 3rd stage, as can other “sender programs”.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: