Sensing wrong thickness?

I just got the carvey in today, i’ve been using my Nomad with Easel for the past few months, cutting the same design with the same dimensions without issue. Long story short, at first plunge the carvey is cutting over 1mm deep when it is set to .5, anyone know what the problem might be?

I am having the exact same problem. Setting depth to 0.5 but having 2mm depth minimum.
Changed the smart clamp’s tightness and played with material thickness a bit and still no difference.

have you found any solution? @SwayMedina


Same issue. It looks to me that it is related to the touch plate on the smart clamp. When I first used the machine, the bit just barely “kissed” the touch plate. Now, the bit clearly depresses the touch plate before it sets zero and starts to carve. I’ve had one smart clamp fail that was replaced (very, very quickly - thank you inventables!), but I think this one is on the way to failing the same way as the first.