Separate Safety Height for Start/End and for Mid Carving

In my workshop I have a box called “Dead Bit Graveyard”. Most of my bits break in the first two seconds of the carve when they hit a clamp. The solution? Easy! Increase the safety height to greater than the height of the bit.

This works and prevents the bit breaking, but it makes the carve so slow. It is very frustrating seeing the DW611 go up and down by 25mm each time it moves the bit.

How about having one setting for a start/end safety height, so for the first and last passes to and from the home position and another safety height for during the actual carve. The first one could be 25mm and the other one 2 or 3 mm. No broken bits and faster carve times.

Thoughts, comments???


Interesting idea, I like it!

What is this “new tool path architecture”? Something on the roadmap for the next release?

Thanks Phil, I will give this a try today.

I wonder if it still lifts to safety height each time it moves the bit i.e. when carving but not cutting tabs.

Had this idea today as I was carving down inside a plastic box and it required me to set my safety height to 1.25". Because of this, a 5 min carve turned into 24 min. Would be great to see the safety height broken up as suggested.

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Ya I guess that’s one way around it. Still think breaking it up would be nice as well.

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Yes, this post is 4 years old, however the original post is super relevant and I am still looking for something like this to be available in easel. Have there been any workarounds? I’d love to see this as a feature in easel.


This was implemented. See: Origin Safety Height