Seriously guys?!?!?! We need to talk

Im trying really hard to back you guys, but after going to the hardware store twice to get more nuts and bolts that werent in my kit, i get to wiring and the stepper cable you guys gave me was not even half of what i needed… Words cant express how frustrated i am right now… Ill give you guys a call monday.

if you are missing parts definitely call them or at least email. they will get you fixed up

Definitely call or email them. I have found their customer service top notch.

Are you sure they’re missing? Have you opened every box?

One thing I noticed - there’s at least 2, maybe 3 bags of certain things…and some of them are tucked away in boxes like the spindle mount or the motors.

Not sure if 100% of that is my own doing with moving little bits of partially used baggies around, but I noticed that you’d find parts of your pieces near the drag chain stuff, long before you needed to install the drag chain…then something else in the wiring bag when you’re not ready for wiring, only to have some left over for another step and not remember if you put the leftover parts back in the wiring bag or not.

Naw, i have looked through everything. All good, talked to zach and he’s taking care of everything