Set cut-in/out point

I have a Maslow CNC machine (so it’s standing vertically).
If I could set the “start/end” position of the cut to “top middle,” I’d almost never have to use tabs as long as the part was small enough…

Because you can use Easel to generate g-code for the Maslow (and Easel’s more user-friendly than MakerCam from the ShapeOko folks).

It’s all CNC routing… just different sizes, shapes and forms…

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There’s a few ways:

  1. you pester people that are into RC planes on the forum until they break down and do it for you
  2. you use the Search feature and look around for them
  3. you search the interweb for files, Google is a great start for that
  4. you go into Easel and, gasp draw things for yourself

I can guarantee it won’t just magically happen.

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i mean like scanning it.i see the camera option but i don’t think that will work to well from my plan sheet

ok,will they put it on a disk or jpeg.i have no idea about computer stuff

great ty much