Set home position to center of artwork?

I’m working on some circular cuts of raw wood and odd shapes. Even on square wood, some of my designs are circular and I’d love to be able to find the center of my piece, then set the center of my artwork to be home.

Is this possible?

Right now I have to basically take my artwork and draw an imaginary rectangle around my artwork, then try and find the bottom right corner home position based on measurements

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I have centered shapes on 0 without a problem. I’m not sure how far out it cuts off.

Click the floating shape menu. There is a feature where you can center it and set the x and y coordinates.

I’ve used the process @Zach_Kaplan described above in Easel and in VCarve. So far, nearly everything I’ve done has made more sense to me to use material center as the 0,0 point.

so, if (for example) i draw a circle, and then click the center position under shape, all that is doing is moving my circle an exact distance away from the 0,0 bottom left corner ,right?

I’m wanting to draw a circle, then on my substrate measure width and height and mark the center point, then set that as my center point and carve from that point

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Yes. If you change the coords to 0,0, center your tool on the piece, then set that as your Home position.

It seems that enough people are using this to put it as a feature request. The current solution is a bit clunky as you can’t see 3/4 of the design when centred. If you don’t think that’s a problem, imaging carving a clock face centred with each number a different vector. If you need to change the depths the only way is Ctrl+A and modify everything, or move it back into the work area to edit, then back to centre again. Works, but a bit of a pain. Like others I now carve everything with a centre zero (x or x&y), I find it much easier.


I’m on the Easel development team and I do think that’s a problem.

Really, we consider moving the work origin as something Easel doesn’t support yet. I’ve never thought of the trick above—I’m glad that it works, but we definitely don’t consider it to be an ideal solution.

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Great! I was just pointing out the workaround is not always suitable, although I’m finding it ok for most scenarios. Certainly not a major issue anyway, but look forward to be able to move the zero. :smile:

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Didn’t realize this, which was probably part of my issue, but in my mind I was assuming if your artwork went outside of the artboard (work area size) that it just wouldn’t be carved.

Just tested by making a circle, moving it’s center to 0,0, then did Show Toolpath, and it looks to carve the entire circle. Seems to be a decent workaround

But yes. I agree being able to move the work zero would be helpful!

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Also as a work around, you can pan left and down off of the work area and edit paths individually. For me it’s two fingers on the track pad and scroll, but you can also zoom out, recenter and zoom in.

This is what I was wondering if it would work. Easle can calculate negative values for the coords. Anything left of zero in a negative coord, and it appears to work then. No idea why the Easle dev team hasn’t added the feature to move your start origin and they should get on it.