Set screws for pully, order number from site?

Good afternoon,

I had ordered quite a few different screws from amazon and none seem to fit, even after ordering the “sizes” listed in a few other posts. Is there a direct link to the store to order these? I am having a time finding them, as I searched for them.

I had just got the machine re-calibrated and now 3 have gone missing, even with loctite! :frowning: Only noticed because my circles are ever so off and ruined a project.

I bought these:

They work on all pulleys and have the patch so loctite isn’t needed. The only one that gave me trouble is the ACME rod pulley.

A 6 or 7mm would probably work just fine.

Those look great, and I just ordered. Thank you!! Weird how they don’t let you know what shipping is tho…oh well :slight_smile: